Our Airbrush Tanning Solution is 100% natural and organic.


Made from vegetable dyes, silk amino acids and aloe Vera gel, its sure to leave you glowing and radiant! Our air brush tanning solution is NEVER sticky or messy, it won’t stain your sheets and best of all, after you shower the solution off, there is absolutely no odor left behind! Forget about that “spray tan” smell, and go all natural!

Single Tanning Session

Need just a once over?
  • $40 per session
  • No contract

Gold Membership

$65 Annual Fee
  • $65 annual fee
  • $20 per session for 12 months
Q. How long does it last?
Depending on how often you shower, our solution generally lasts for 7-10 days. Each time you shower or get wet, your tan will fade slightly until you are your own natural skin color again.
Q. Will I be orange??
NO!!! I hand picked this solution based on its beautiful, natural bronze color!
Q. Will I be blotchy or streaky?
NO!! Not if you follow my directions and come in with no lotion or deodorant on, and stay dry until the next day. Once your color has “set” you are guaranteed not to smudge or streak! In fact, you can wear white head to toe, after you’ve showered, and no one will every guess you have an airbrush tan. Great for weddings and special occasions!
Q. What do I do to prepare for an airbrush tan?
You want to shave and exfoliate the day before, or morning of your appointment. Shave your legs, bikini line and underarms. Also exfoliate your entire body head to toe. St Ives Apricot scrub is a great, inexpensive product that you can find in the facial care isle of most any grocery or drug store! Scrub your entire body down with it, in small circles, DRY, before you shower. (This will give you a nice even tan!) Once you have showered, change in to loose fitted clothing, no jeans or tennis shoes or boots. flip flips, sun dresses, yoga or sweat pants will all be fine.
Q. What do I wear DURING my tan?
This is your choice, we do not provide disposable undergarments, so if you wish to wear them, you must wear your own 😉 Most people do go fully nude, to avoid tan lines, but if you feel more comfortable wearing underwear, I suggest the smallest pair you can find!!
Q. What do I do after my tan?
Great question!! After I spray you, you will change into the loose fitted clothing you have brought you, and remain dry OVER NIGHT. No dishes, no laundry, no bathing small children or pets 😉 You must not get wet until the morning!! Getting wet will result in “water marks” or “streaking” and a streaky tan lasts just as long as a good tan! DON’T GET WET!
Q. How soon can I shower?
The next morning!! As soon as you wake up, even if you are up at 4am!
Q. How do I take care of my tan?
You want to shave and scrub your skin as little as humanly possible. An airbrush tan is like makeup that lasts for a few days, the more you scrub and shave, the faster you will lose your tan. Also, put lotion on head to toe, every day when you get out of the shower. Not oil, oil will dissolve the solution and remove your tan, just plain body lotion!
Q. Can I get sun burnt with an airbrush tan?
YES!!! This is not a real tan, I am not spraying you with UV rays, wear your sunblock or you will fry like a piece of bacon! For the love of God, people, always wear your sunblock!!

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